If you're like most fathers who are also entrepreneurs, you've had to make sacrifices when it comes to your family in order to be successful in business.
If you're being honest with yourself, your relationship with your whole family could probably be better. But what about your son or sons?
Often these are the relationships that get strained the most.

You are only guaranteed 18 summers to set the tone for your relationship for decades to follow.
  •  When was the last time you went away with just your son?
  •  What was the experience like?
  •  Did your son enjoy himself?
  •  Did you enjoy yourself?
  •  Were you alone or with other like-minded fathers and their sons?
One of the best trips of my life was when my Dad took me from our home in Atlanta to Arizona for five days during my 16th birthday.
It was a right of passage for me, as Mom took each of us three kids away for our 8th birthday and Dad for our 16th.
It was something us kids looked forward to for years. One-on-one time with my Dad without the whole family distracting or taking away his attention from me.
Like most boys, this is what I craved most growing up... 
my Dad’s love and attention
Were you this way towards your Dad?
Bradley Callow and I, founders of Rich Legacy, have created a small, invitation-only retreat experience for entrepreneurial Dad’s and their sons to connect like never before.
Having both barely escaped prison and death, we now utilize the Rich Legacy platform to provide eye-opening insights from the perspective of the child. This approach inspires fathers to engage with their sons in a way they never dreamed possible.
A community to learn together. A community to grow together.
A community that will become a brotherhood.
The families we work with through Rich Legacy have found the power of the father-son and positive peer relationships to be more important than ever due to the overwhelming negative influence boys (men-in-training) are experiencing online.
Afford your son the same benefits you receive from organizations you’re a member of like Genius Network, EO, or YPO. You understand the value of a strong peer-group and personal development, but do your children?
We have reserved houses (not cabins) in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona which is known for its massive pine trees, outdoor sports, and it’s small town charm. The ideal place to get away without sacrificing the comforts of home.
The retreat is for a maximum of only eight fathers and eleven sons to ensure a personalized experience for everyone
Yes, it will be July in Arizona, but at 9,000 feet in elevation, the weather will be perfect with an average temperature of 82’F.
Flagstaff is about 2.5 hours from the Phoenix airport and approximately 2 hours from the Grand Canyon if you decide to check off one of the 7 wonders of the world before or after the retreat.
The days will be filled with activities, personal development, learning, growing, relaxing, and fostering relationships.
Fathers will walk away with how to apply the following Five Principles of a Rich Legacy to empower their sons to live up to their full potential
Your sons, as well as you, will also be the afforded to opportunity to learn through hands on exercises
  • Survival Skills
  •  Self-defense
  •  Understanding the opposite sex (well, attempting)
  •  Academic Hacks
  •  How to get what you want
  •  Strategies for stress reduction 
We also have put a strong emphasis on having not just a great, but exciting time. Here are just some of the potential activities Flagstaff has to offer. We will decide which activities to participate in based on a group vote.
  • Tubing & Wakeboarding
  •  Hiking/ Caving
  •  Rock Climbing
  •  Mountain Biking
  •  Scavenger Hunt
  •  Ziplining
  •  High/ Low Ropes - Adventure Course
You only get 18 summers with your sons while they are still living with you. How will you spend this summer connecting with your son?
To apply for the retreat (if you haven’t already been invited) or find out more information, 
please call 602.282.0420 or click here to request your invitation.

If you have been invited by Bradley or Gordie, please follow this link to secure your spot.
Appropriate Ages: 10-16 years old
Retreat Dates: Friday, July 21-Sunday, July 23, 2017
Location: Flagstaff, Arizona

These dates not work for you?
Enter your contact info to find out about upcoming events and other powerful resources for you and your family.
 Friday 7/21/17
  • Arrivals all afternoon
  • Unpacking and relaxation
  • Ice Breaker Activity
  • Dinner 7 
 Saturday 7/22/17
  • Breakfast 9
  • Group Activity 10-12 
  • Lunch 12-1 
  • Break 1-2 
  • Outdoor Activity 2-5 
  • Downtime 5-7 
  • Dinner 7-8 
  • Evening Chat 8-?
 Sunday 7/23/17
  • Breakfast 9
  • Group Activity 10-12 
  • Lunch 12-1 
  • Break 1-2
  • Outdoor Activity 2-5 
  • Downtime 5-7 
  • Dinner 7-8 
  • Evening Chat 8-?
 Monday 7/24/17
  • Morning Departures
Investment: $4,900 will be the regular investment for the retreat starting in 2018. Given this is the inaugural event we, have discounted the amount to $3,500 (per dad-son combo) and $900 for every additional son.
This price includes food, lodging for 3 nights, and all scheduled activities during the retreat. Not included are flights and transportation to and from airport (airport shuttle from Phx to Flagstaff approximately $50 per person).

Deadline: June 31st 2017 will be the last day for registration or as soon as we have eight fathers signed up. 
  • Invitation Incentives: Rich Legacy Family Coaching clients receive an additional $300 reduction of the total cost for their family.
  • Invite another father and son who attends the retreat and receive a $250 reduction in your family’s investment.
  • Connect us with a family that signs up and completes three months of our private coaching (whether they attend the retreat or not) and receive $500. 
Conclusion: Having trouble convincing your son to spend a few days with you in the beautiful Arizona High-Desert? Get us one the phone with them for 15 minutes and allow us to get them excited about the trip.

Will you make this summer the one you create a bond and relationship with your son you have always dreamed of?

We look forward to seeing you this summer in Arizona. If you have any questions or have not been invited and would like to apply for an invitation, please call 602.282.0420
If you have already been invited by Rich Legacy to participate in the retreat, please click below.
To apply for the retreat (if you haven’t already been invited) or find out more information, 
please call 602.282.0420 or click here to request your invitation.

If you have been invited by Bradley or Gordie, please follow this link to secure your spot.
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